Our Activities

Our Activities
School management organizes different activities to promote education quality. We have introduced the following educational programs

  • Kindergarten classes.
  • Coaching classes.
  • Weekly test.
  • Computer Education.
  • Continuous Assessment
  • English Medium
  • a. Kindergarten Classes

    Though Janapath Secondary School is a government school, this school has run Kindergarten classes aiming to provide qualitative education fostering kids with sound knowledge.

    b. Management of Extra classes

    There is a provision of extra classes for the weaker students to support in their learning at a reasonable cost as suggested by parents.

    c. Management of weekly test

    The school conducts weekly tests from class 4 to 10 so as to reduce the stress of examination among the students and for the betterment of overall teaching learning process.

    d. Continuous Assessment System (CAS)

    The school has already started continuous Assessment system from Nursery to grade VI for the day to day overall evaluations of students which is a responsible tool for upgrading students of basic level in accordance with policy declared by government of Nepal.This programme will be continuously upgraded up to grade VII

    e. Study in English Medium

    Since Four years, this school has been operating classes from Nursery to class V in English Medium. From this year (2014) this medium of instruction in English Language is operated in class VI and continuously every class will be operated in English medium in the coming years.

    f. Management of Computer Lab

    From this year, theoretical and practical computer classes have been managed with routine from grade IV to grade VIII. We have a computer lab established with the partial support of C.D.S. at Kapan under the school management support program.

    g. Management of Audio-Visual classes

    To make interesting in study for the students, the school has also managed audio-visual classes. Such classes will be run at least once in a week.

    h. Operation of Red Cross and Scout classes

    In this school, Red Cross and Scout Troop have been established and every Friday scout classes are being operated to make the students hard working and disciplined. From this year, such classes will be